November 2011
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legal questions or issues you should talk to a solicitor right away

If you have legal questions or issues of any sort that need resolving you should talk to a solicitor right away.  Solicitors in Glasgow can give you advice and assistance on a wide range of legal issues and can help you to resolve and issues you may be having.  There is an unfortunate impression about solicitors in the UK that they are going to be very expensive to use however this is not the case.  Here are just some of the reasons why using solicitors is the right course to take:

  • To become a solicitor takes many years of study and training.  Also once they are qualified a further 16 hours of training per year is needed to maintain their practising certificate.
  • The second reason is insurance.  All firms of solicitors are required to have professional indemnity insurance and are not allowed to practice without it.
  • All solicitors work to a strict code of conduct
  • The Legal Complaints Service deals with complaints against solicitors
  • The final reason for choosing a solicitor is the most important one.  They have years of experience of legal analysis and working with the law.

It is this last reason why solicitors provide such a good service.  A non regulated adviser may be able to offer you advice on a particular subject but they won’t have the in depth knowledge and understanding of how the various laws and regulations work.  What on the surface could seem like a relatively simple and straightforward matter could in fact be a lot more complex.

Solicitors in Glasgow can advise you on a wide range of legal issues including making a will, buying a property, starting a business, employment law and family.  If you need help and advice about any aspect of the law contact one today.

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