November 2011
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In England and Wales there is no legal requirement

Investing in property has become very popular over the last few years as the falls in property prices and rising rental costs have made it an attractive proposition for investors.  If you are thinking of investing in property and becoming a landlord it is essential that you get the correct legal advice before you enter the market.  Solicitors in Glasgow will be able to give you expert help and advice on a number of issues related to Landlord and Tenant Law.

In England and Wales there is no legal requirement for a written tenancy agreement.  However it is generally a good idea to have one drafted and checked by a solicitor.  It helps to avoid disputes about tenant and landlord responsibilities, cost and terms of the tenancy.

A solicitor will be able to draw up a tenancy agreement that will cover a number of factors related to the leasing of your property.  They will include any lease restrictions you want to place on the property such as the keeping of pets or children, playing loud music etc.  It will also cover when the rent has to be paid, future rent increases and what will happen if the tenants do not pay the rent on time.  The agreement should also cover the amount of deposit to be paid and the conditions under which some or all of the deposit will be withheld from the tenants.

Disagreements between landlords and tenants are extremely common and can become very bitter.  However with the right legal advice from solicitors in Glasgow they can be avoided altogether.  Before you decide to become a landlord and find yourself in a dispute with your tenants talk to solicitors in Glasgow for expert help and advice on avoiding the problems that so many landlords face.

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